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Accounting software that serves all business and investment fields & For all types of companies, factories, and institutions.


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Easy Code

For safer and more prosperous business operations.& We care about the accuracy of the details..

Integrated ERP system.
To manage all your business operations..

KS Easy Accounting products are integrated software programs that provide secure transactions to ensure peace of mind & So that you can fully rely on us..

Chrome iPhone

Customs clearance System.

One of the most important Easy Code Digital products comes with a highly efficient technical support plan.

Translation: With a fully continuous technical support team during official working hours, a team with high and professional programming skills trains the relevant department to manage your software with precise monitoring of every step.

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Responsive Systems.

Work on all devices.

Easy Code solutions keep up with the latest developments, providing a seamless experience for our customers who can track their business through their mobile phones and laptops.

نعمل اونلاين.

متوفر طوال الوقت

The features of Easy Code Cloud allow its customers to communicate and interact with their data at all times because it is available online, enabling them to use it 24/7.

الدعم الفني.

درع الدعم الفني

Through a team of professionals, we follow up on our clients' business operations and provide high-quality technical support. We have a team capable of communicating to understand your inquiries and resolving all obstacles.

You will never be far from your business operations.

Translation: Easy Code technology solutions have efficiently established a permanent bridge between you and your project. Now you can launch and nothing can stop you.

Flexible point of sale systems.

Translation: We enable you to supervise the point of sale systems through your mobile phone and also execute sales operations.

Easy-to-use screens.

There are no complexities in our technological products. We rely on simplification methods in presentation and extreme accuracy in your data.

Keep track of your business operations.

By observing your branches and employees directly in all their sales operations, including offers and discounts..

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Logistics operations.

Product movements and transportations are now under control through your mobile phone, no matter where you are..

Admin account.

All permissions can be opened, blocked, and controlled with complete flexibility and precision..

Warehouses and inventory movements.

Follow them professionally because we provide warehouse lists that eliminate the most complex obstacles through flexible warehouse sections.

Easy Code channel on YouTube.

A comprehensive channel for explaining our products.

Our channel on YouTube contains all the explanations to facilitate and simplify the understanding of the strategies of our software programs and technological products. You can find answers to all your inquiries.

Electronic invoice.
We have created a point of sale.
Special client.
Working hour.

Retail sales.

Management of retail stores, operation of point of sale systems (cashiers), and monitoring of inventory and financial movements.

Crafts and professional services.

Easy tools for recording customer orders and tracking their status until delivery..

Business services.

Management of services and registration and tracking of appointments for customers with the advantages of automatic reminders.

Medical care.

Management of healthcare services, reservation and appointment management, organization of medical and staff personnel.

Logistics services.

Management of accounts of logistics offices, shipping, and delivery companies.

Transportation and hospitality.

Operation and rental of hotel rooms, monitoring of reservations, management of units, and company assets..

Body care and fitness.

Membership registration and attendance tracking. Alert for expired subscriptions and online payment collection..

Education and scientific courses.

All retail sales tools you need - from opening to closing, in-store and online..

Real estate and cars.

Buying, selling, and renting real estate and cars, managing inventory of spare parts, and project management.

Specialized interactive screens.

All innovative and advanced solutions that ensure the reliability and efficiency of your business. Contact Us

Easy Code is an integrated and customizable system for managing your business..

With a simple user interface and full support for the Arabic language, it includes many features and tools to meet your business needs and help you achieve your goals.!

Customize the user interface within the system, including colors, fonts, and language, to reflect your organization's identity and match your brand, while providing a distinctive character for your business through invoices, quotes, and other printed materials with fully customizable templates for all fields and items included when printed or sent to your customers.

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We offer a field visit from specialists.

"Translation: Easy Code provides on-site visit service to customers with the aim of providing technical and technological support to them at their locations, improving the use of the software, and enhancing its relationship with its customers."

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